Saturday, June 28, 2008

Alternator Rodimus / Hotrod

After awhile i didnt post, here i update u guyz with Hot Rod / Rodimus from the Alternators line. I am more into altn rather than BTs just coz of the paint chip issues. this is one of the most wanted character in my target list other than Wheeljack Altn which i already got. Will put up a review on him later on. Back to Rodimus, this is by far the coolest Rodimus IMO, maybe most ppl will go for the classics n whatnot..but not me. I love all the modern cars. :D Articulation of this line really impressed me for the retail price they put on it. + the size is 1/24 just like those expensive diecast car models, which cant even TRANSFORM !! hehehe. I'm really into this line now tho i know i am a lil bit late to start, but hey, there's always EBAY ! heehe. If ur not sure wheater to get him or not, i'd say, dont hesitate, grab em while u can.

There's a new line coming up named Alternity. the scale is a lil bit smaller which will be 1/32 and the 1st figure to be made is CONVOY ! as a skyline GT-R. So, dats dat. Will continue on with the review of other BT/Altn later on. ;)

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crazee_hs said...

damn wut a nice car???