Tuesday, December 30, 2008

TFC EX-002 Battle Rollar

One of the coolest fan made tf ! Battle Rollar ! n it actually transformed ! hehe, here's a quick update ! ~ 


Alternate Mode

Robot Mode

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gundam MK-2_MG

Old kit, newly assembled. Now i got both, the A.E.U.G. + Titan version. As much as i love this kit, I wont be getting the new upcoming latest edition of this two. Bandai should've released a different MG kit rather than polishing it with a new paint job. + toys are getting expensive nowadays, lil bit hard to keep up with everything's on shelve. Ah well, here's some of the shots i've taken.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Henkei Ironhide

Here is Henkei Ironhide. As some of you guyz out there, i do prefer henkei rather than hasbro's version of this classics line. I do like the chrome parts + the paint job IS stunningly better than hasbro's. Im not gonna bang them in this post, so lets continue with the review. ;)

I dont really like the alt. mode for this figure at all. As many said, it looks like a jigsaw puzzle. On the other hand, i am absolutely in love with the bot mode. It is simply awesome ! I love what they did to make the autobot emblem appear on his chest. You gotta see to believe ! I've been playing with it for awhile. hehehe =P  The articulation is amazing and it can throw lots of poses. Cant wait to pair em' up with the upcoming >Henkei Ratchet<.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Entire Collection_'08

@ 1st, i was about to snap each and every single one of my figures / collections, but i got lazy as it is too much work + very time consuming to do so...in the end, i decided to snap everything in groups instead. Only the new / latest item will be updated with single shot review.. ;) So here i bring u my entire collection of 2008. 


*didnt realize there's so much dust on my top shelve until i took those pictures just now.. XD !





Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Full Metal Alchemist Tribute

After for bout'..7months or sumthin i didnt do any CG works, here's sumthing i came up with last nite. Really need to brush up my CG's, dont wanna let it get rusted. ;) nways, the artwork is d 2 main character of Full Metal Alchemist anime. Look it up if u dont know what's it bout. Pretty interesting story line n animation i must say. ;)

*original lines : Makotron
*colored by : EJ

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Binaltech Meister / Jazz

Hello again fellazz..today i will put up a review of my newly bought BT Meister ! and guess what..he is actually my 1st BT ! ;) The car mode is awesomely done. I actually love this mold much much more rather than the original Meister mold. This one got a bigger front bumper, not sure bout the rear tho, and also a spoiler to give it a more sporty look.

There's not much i want to review on the robot mode as it is is pretty much like regular BT/Altn, but the legs are a lil bit big n doesnt really look like a feet IMO. The only part i love is his head n his visor. ;) SUPER COOL BLUE VISOR ! ;)

Even tho BT is nice to hold coz of its weight and whatnot, i still prefer Alternators over BT's. The texture of Altn is waaaay smoother than BT's,(i know altn r plastics) dont know if its only my particular unit tho, coz i dont have other BT to compare with and now i know, when ppl said to be extra carefull with transforming BTs regarding the paint chip / scratch issues. The surface is very sensitive with sharp / hard objects. even ur nails ! SO, as others already said. BE CAREFULL ! ;) Above all, the weight did bring BT's a lil bit more quality and expensive feels to it.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Sony VAIO Hunt

Morning ~ Today i just bumped on this add while surfing the net. Its a hunt for sony products i guess. Usually i wont have a 2nd look at this kind of adds but im a s*cker for SONY products. U simply cant resist the slick designs and awesome technology they've brought so far, dont have to mention PS3 n those Blue-Rays. danggggggg ! So..back to the hunt thinggy, im not sure how it works yet but i'll give it a go n see how things go on. U guyz can join the hunt too, just click on the image above n it will load up the hunting page. Wish me luck guyz. ;)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Alternator Rodimus / Hotrod

After awhile i didnt post, here i update u guyz with Hot Rod / Rodimus from the Alternators line. I am more into altn rather than BTs just coz of the paint chip issues. this is one of the most wanted character in my target list other than Wheeljack Altn which i already got. Will put up a review on him later on. Back to Rodimus, this is by far the coolest Rodimus IMO, maybe most ppl will go for the classics n whatnot..but not me. I love all the modern cars. :D Articulation of this line really impressed me for the retail price they put on it. + the size is 1/24 just like those expensive diecast car models, which cant even TRANSFORM !! hehehe. I'm really into this line now tho i know i am a lil bit late to start, but hey, there's always EBAY ! heehe. If ur not sure wheater to get him or not, i'd say, dont hesitate, grab em while u can.

There's a new line coming up named Alternity. the scale is a lil bit smaller which will be 1/32 and the 1st figure to be made is CONVOY ! as a skyline GT-R. So, dats dat. Will continue on with the review of other BT/Altn later on. ;)