Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Henkei Ironhide

Here is Henkei Ironhide. As some of you guyz out there, i do prefer henkei rather than hasbro's version of this classics line. I do like the chrome parts + the paint job IS stunningly better than hasbro's. Im not gonna bang them in this post, so lets continue with the review. ;)

I dont really like the alt. mode for this figure at all. As many said, it looks like a jigsaw puzzle. On the other hand, i am absolutely in love with the bot mode. It is simply awesome ! I love what they did to make the autobot emblem appear on his chest. You gotta see to believe ! I've been playing with it for awhile. hehehe =P  The articulation is amazing and it can throw lots of poses. Cant wait to pair em' up with the upcoming >Henkei Ratchet<.


Anonymous said...

wah ... comel nyer...kalau nk beli berapa harganyer ???

Anonymous said...

Bro can i buy this one??? hmm how much if you wanna sell it ???

intelligence said...