Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Binaltech Meister / Jazz

Hello again fellazz..today i will put up a review of my newly bought BT Meister ! and guess what..he is actually my 1st BT ! ;) The car mode is awesomely done. I actually love this mold much much more rather than the original Meister mold. This one got a bigger front bumper, not sure bout the rear tho, and also a spoiler to give it a more sporty look.

There's not much i want to review on the robot mode as it is is pretty much like regular BT/Altn, but the legs are a lil bit big n doesnt really look like a feet IMO. The only part i love is his head n his visor. ;) SUPER COOL BLUE VISOR ! ;)

Even tho BT is nice to hold coz of its weight and whatnot, i still prefer Alternators over BT's. The texture of Altn is waaaay smoother than BT's,(i know altn r plastics) dont know if its only my particular unit tho, coz i dont have other BT to compare with and now i know, when ppl said to be extra carefull with transforming BTs regarding the paint chip / scratch issues. The surface is very sensitive with sharp / hard objects. even ur nails ! SO, as others already said. BE CAREFULL ! ;) Above all, the weight did bring BT's a lil bit more quality and expensive feels to it.


Anonymous said...

wow! that car is seriously cool.
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cheers! :)

EJ said...

hehehe. thx hana ;)

crazee_hs said...

bro, how much that cars?? can i bought it from you???

crazee_hs said...

wut a nice blog..!!!

crazee_hs said...

hmm, i've been told frm somebody that you are transformer collectors? so how many all of it? Just wanna know...

maicher said...