Monday, March 14, 2011

Kabaya : Ultra Magnus / Jetfire / Prowl

Candy Toy from Japan, it comes with a chewing gum which i dont know how it taste, and no, im not planning to try it either.. =_=''. Anyway, this things came un-assemble, just like gundams..but it is transformable, but, it does require some parts swapping.

I will only show detailed shots of Ultra Magnus because he is the main reason i bought this set and i think people have already seen the Henkei / Classics Jetfire and Prowl mold, it is basically the same..so yeah, check it out ~

Ultra Magnus

*size comparison with the previous wave of Kabaya G1 Optimus Prime.

*with all previous Kabaya Figures.
Henkei OP / G1 OP / Star Saber
Prowl / Ultra Magnus / Jetfire



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